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Video Marketing is Our Specialty.

You just would not believe the lousy pictures and video that some companies use to in their advertising or websites. Here is the thing, your customers look at those pictures and videos, and that is the impression they have of your business and the work you do or the products you sell.  A company will spend $100,000 on a new piece of equipment, but won’t hire a photographer to take the time to visually showcase that same business and the services they perform.

A short, well-done video profile of your business is an absolute must today.

Video has taken over every website and social media account. A short, well-done video profile of your business is an absolute must today. Your potential customers want to know who they are doing business with. Your competitors are using video – and not just taking their cell phones and walking around the store.

If you are serious about building a small business or growing your business in a way that is both solid and recession-proof, then you need to commit to good photography and video. It is the foundation that all other marketing is built on.  Just reach-out to us, as we can show you how.  

As the folks over at Bright Local put it: “Video marketing can boost local marketing and local SEO efforts dramatically. As any local business owner knows, in order to get and keep repeat business, you’re going to need to get to know (and get along with) the natives. Putting a face to a business before your client’s customers even step through the door is a great way to begin the process. 

Think about it: a local is looking up your client’s restaurant for the first time and they come across a video on Google, Yelp or Instagram with your client in it. They could be talking with patrons, being interviewed about the food, or in the kitchen working. Should the local feel so compelled to check out the store and meet your client in person, just as friendly as they are in the video, it will reinforce a positive feeling and endear them to the business as if they already were a regular.”

Here is a sample of the videos that we have created over the last year at Think Street. These videos are designed to tell a story. Imagine what we could do with your business.

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Here is a quick look at some of the video projects that Think Street has accomplished over the past year.

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Sean & the Think Street Crew at Tarr Financial in Romeo, Michigan