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Small Business Video Marketing: 7 Tips to Convert Visitors Into Awesome Customers

So you are considering small business video marketing. Video is a great way to convert visitors into customers. It’s fast becoming one of the most important marketing tools for small businesses and local marketers alike. From explainer videos that introduce your business to product demonstrations and testimonials, video can be an invaluable asset in creating more conversions on your website. This article will cover how you can create video content for your website that will help generate more sales!

1. The importance of video

Video can be a great way to generate interest in your small business and persuade visitors to convert into customers. The videos you post on your site should be purposeful, entertaining, or educational and offer valuable information that the visitor won’t find anywhere else.

High-quality video ensures that you rank better in Google search results and that people will want to share your videos with their friends and family. A well-made video can draw people in and make them feel like they are actually at your business.

One of the best ways to generate video content is by asking current customers for testimonials, reviews, and feedback about their experience with you or in your industry. These videos can be used on various platforms, including YouTube, Vimeo, and Facebook, depending on who you want to share them with.

Small Business Video Marketing 105
Make Video Work for Your Small Business

2. An Introduction to video marketing

Video marketing is a strategy that any size of business can use. There are several benefits to using video on your website.

Here are just a few ways videos can help you move customers from being visitors into buying from you:

  • -Potential customers won’t have the chance to read as much as they’d like about what it is that makes them want to buy from you. In most cases, a good product/service will speak for itself, but this becomes even more powerful with an added visual element such as through video.
  • Most prospects do not understand all aspects and features of specific products or services, which leads some people to avoid making a purchase altogether because they don’t feel confident enough or informed enough to make one yet. Videos provide another way to see how easy something might be to use or how it functions.
  • Many people go to a website and then immediately leave, never to return simply because they didn’t see anything that piqued their interest enough for them to stick around. Videos on your website can help solve this problem by showing potential customers why you’re someone worth checking out and giving more information about what products/services you offer. This way, they don’t have to rely entirely on reading alone, which isn’t always the easiest way of getting necessary info across clearly either.
  • People naturally learn through video at an increased rate than if shown words and text only. This means videos allow visitors to get helpful information from you without reading everything there is to know first before making a purchase.
Small Business Video Marketing 102
It doesn’t matter the size of your business. Your customers expect good video.

3. Types of videos you can create for your website

There are many types of video content that they nearly any small business owner can create. These include:

  • Product Demonstration Videos
  • Explainer or Whiteboard Animation Videos
  • Business Profile Videos
  • Customer Testimonials

There are many different types of video content that you can create for your website. With the use of good video, a static website can become a hub of information that is visual and entertaining.

4. How-To’s on creating the different types of videos.

Video is the perfect marketing tool for every small business. You can quickly and easily create high-quality videos that are guaranteed to give you more leads, clicks, and conversions.

Your video should be about how your product or service will improve the lives of the viewer. You can do this by showing who you are or what your product is. You should remember that the most critical part of any video, whether it be a how-to, explaining a situation, or solving an issue with a product, is to provide value for the viewer.

One technique in creating videos, even on a small scale, such as for a local business, is persona.

These personas are often grouped into 3 categories: The first type is called the Hero. This is your alter-ego in the video world. They are persuasive, good-looking, and professional. The second type of persona is called the Expert. This persona has a high level of expertise in their field. They are trustworthy, knowledgeable, and authoritative in their area or niche. The third type of persona is called The Storyteller. These personas tell stories about an event or event in their lives that illustrate how they solved issues with their product or service.

Pro-Tip: You should also always have subtitles on so everyone watching will know exactly what you’re saying, and they won’t miss out on anything!

Small Business Video Marketing 101
Small business video marketing can turn your website into a local hub of information.

5. The importance of a good video on a small business website

Marketing videos are essential for small businesses because it helps to build trust with potential customers. The video should be persuasive and short, highlighting the best aspects of your product or service. You can do this by providing information about who you are and what your company does. Keep in mind that the most important part of any video is providing value for the viewer. If you can tie up all these points together in a video, it will surely stand out from other promotional videos!

6. The Growth of Video Marketing

Video marketing has become one of the most potent forms of internet marketing in recent years. In fact, according to Cisco’s Visual Networking Index Forecast, online videos account for 69% of all consumer traffic going into North America from Europe between 2013 and 2018. The number goes up respectively by 2022 when 79% percent of consumer traffic is from video.

In other words, if you aren’t utilizing video marketing to market your local business online, then you’re missing a massive chunk of potential customers and revenue!

7. Tips & tricks for editing and publishing videos to your website

It’s essential to make your videos short and sweet. The video shouldn’t be longer than a minute to keep the viewer engaged.

You should always tell your audience what you’re going to say first before you say it, then present them with the information you want to highlight. Don’t forget to back up your claims with facts and statistics.

If you have any tips or tricks on editing video content, be sure to mention that in the video! Good quality videos are essential for standing out from other promotional videos, so avoid using low-quality audio or images if possible.

Finally, make sure you upload all your video files onto your website before publishing them because YouTube is not indexed by search engines like Google, which won’t show up on searches. You can also use a service called TubeBuddy, an app made specifically for uploading content to YouTube more easily without dealing with specific issues while doing so.

Small Business Video Marketing 103
Let Think Street show you how a few simple videos can transform your website.


Video is a powerful tool for small business owners who want to capture their customer base’s attention and convert them into sales. Suppose you have the time, energy, and resources to produce quality video content on your own or invest in a freelance videographer. In that case, you need to use video strategically as part of an integrated marketing strategy that can help drive more traffic and conversions. We hope our insights helped you think about what kind of videos would work best for your website visitors based on where they are at in the buying cycle. Let us know if we’ve been able to provide any assistance in helping you grow your business.


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