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Great Brand Logo Design: 7 Profit Building Reasons

Is paying someone to create a great brand logo design worth the investment? The short answer is yes. Take a look at these seven profit-building reasons you should have a professional brand logo design.
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Before you spend your first dollar on any form of marketing, you need a kick-ass logo to build your brand around. In fact, I feel so strongly about this crucial first step, that I have rejected potential clients who had money in-hand for other marketing services because they were either unwilling to create a decent logo for their business, or they wouldn’t part with a lousy logo that was costing them business.

According to the Houston Chronicle, the primary functions of a logo are to inspire trust, recognition and admirationfor a business or product. 

You might be wondering: is hiring out your brand logo design worth it?

The short answer is yes. Let’s take a look at these seven profit-building reasons you should have a professional brand logo design!

1. It Grabs Your Customer’s Attention

One of the best things about hiring a graphic designer for your logo is that it will grab your customer’s attention. As you may already know, most consumers have a very short attention span nowadays.

Believe it or not, many companies only have a few seconds to get new customers to consider buying any of their products. That’s where your new, attention-grabbing logo comes in. Not only can a logo communicate your organization’s core mission, but it can grab your client’s gaze at the same time.

Why not make the most of the split seconds you have to command your viewer? Instead, use them as an advantage by displaying a prominent logo on your web page.

Brand Logo Design
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2. It Will Make a Fantastic First Impression

Another reason to invest in a quality logo is that it will make a fantastic first impression on potential fans. That’s because your logo is your client’s number one introduction to your brand.

When you spend money on a fantastic design, it can spark the public’s interest. This could lead to them wanting to learn more about your business. On the other hand, having a poorly designed logo can turn away instead.

Making a positive first impression is your gateway to communicating ownership over the services or niche that you work in. Whether you’re selling food or financial advice, your logo will introduce your business as a resource in your industry from the start.

3. It’s the Base of Your Brand Identity

Branding your company successfully is all about telling your customer’s a story that touches them. Although your brand’s logo is simply a small part of your business, it’s essentially the base of your brand identity.

This includes everything from:

  • Colors
  • Tones
  • Fonts

All of these factors make a memorable impression on your customer’s emotions. When you invest in a great logo, you’ll be able to deliver this impact right away. Once you have the perfect logo, feel free to include on business cards, letterhead, landing pages, and more.

Having a uniquely designed logo will help you stand apart from the competition.

4. It Will Help Customers Remember You

Since logos are the main way for customers to identify you, it’s the symbol for clients to spot your brand. No matter if you’re connecting with the customer’s memory or feelings, it’s all about visually inspiring them.

Since logos are aesthetically pleasing, they can trigger a positive response about your company that your name alone may not. To be quite honest with you, some of your target audience might forget your name at the end of the day. However, they will automatically link your brand to your logo when they see it.

5. It Helps You Stand Apart From the Crowd

Having a uniquely designed logo will help you stand apart from the competition. For example, there may be a hundred coffee shops in town, but yours is uniquely dedicated to sustainability. That’s why you should have an earthy, green logo that gives your message away without saying a word.

When you pay a professional for a new logo, you’ll be sure to show things like your company background and your goals with the right font or icon. In a nutshell, your brand logo is the foundation for your mission. Also, it shows why you’re a much better pick than the competition is.

Does your business have a logo that makes an impact?

6. It Creates Brand Identity For Your Clients

If you want to create a solid brand identity for clients, consistency is key. As time goes on, your company will grow, meaning that your logo will become more recognizable to a larger target audience. 

Why is this so important, you ask? Customer recognition of your brand gives them the feeling that you’re both accessible and trustworthy.

Consider this. When you’re looking for workout clothing and you spot the signature Nike logo, you’re automatically more likely to buy it. That’s because you know that you can trust this brand. Since customer loyalty goes hand-in-hand with brand identity, building a target audience with a good logo is easy.

Here’s the best part. Once your clients decide that they like your business, they’re going to come to you over and over again. However, it’s the logo that they’ll search for first. 

7. Your Target Audience Will Love It

Finally, your target audience is guaranteed to love your brand even more once you have an inventive logo design. As a result, you should put your logo on the front of every single piece of advertising.

This includes marketing essentials like:

  • Business cards
  • Flyers
  • Advertisements

Trust us – you don’t want to make miss out on all the potential business you can make with an engaging logo. Without it, customers may gloss over your website and move onto the competition instead. To avoid this, invest in a quality logo ASAP.

Build Your Business With a New Brand Logo Design

Ready to build your business with a new brand logo design?

When it comes to graphic design logo concepts, we’ve got you covered. From brand recognition to company values, you’d be surprised by how much your logo can say without saying a word.

Looking for one of the best logo design companies on the web?

Contact one of our experts for logo design ideas today!


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