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Ultimately, that is why we are all in business – to expand and serve more customers.


Solid pictures, good video, an awesome website. Make your small business stand out.

Be Proud

Remember when you first walked into your business?  Time to feel that pride again.

Here's the problem:

You Own a Small Business

You need to market it – but you have ZERO time.

Everything online is confusing

You probably have been burned in the past, wasting money on quick fixes.

Stop being confused. 

Stop wasting money on bad marketing. 

Stop ignoring the problem.

Our Solution:

Print. Video. Digital.

Incredibly Effective

An effective marketing agency uses a multi-faceted approach.  Of course, we start with strategy. Once a plan is in place – step one is brand and print. Next, great pictures and video.  Last, we unleash a digital strategy that makes your website a hub of expertise, and your social media accounts can’t miss reading and following.

Think Street Marketing Agency Davison Michigan

Built to be Better.

Sean O'Bryan

I'm Sean O'Bryan

I understand how hard owning a small business is. You see, I have owned one for over 30 years.

For me, there was never enough time.
That is why I built Think Street from the ground up – to be better. I knew there had to be a better way to market local businesses effectively.

Give me a call, and let me help unleash the potential of your company.

Think Street Marketing Agency Davison Michigan

Think Street is Your Personal Marketing Department

Remember when you first opened the doors and hung that first sign?  You were so proud to own your own business. Then you got busy.  Employees, inventory, taxes, and all kinds of confusing systems.  Promoting your company became an afterthought.  Think Street understands this.  We want you to be proud of your small business again.


In order to do this, you need a local marketing expert.  For most small business owners, this just hasn’t been an option.  Until now that is.

You see, we firmly believe that every business, no matter the size, deserves marketing that works.

Sean understands this personally because he has owned a Main Street small business for over 30 years.  We get how easy it is to waste money on bad marketing or just stop trying to market my business.  

That is why he created Think Street.  He built this company from the ground up to be different.  To help local businesses, here in our community. To end the confusion with a focused plan design specifically for your business – one that delivers real results.  And we implement each step of it for you.

Here is how we do it.  First, we meet, then I design a 6-step plan based on who your customers are and what your business is all about.  Next, we implement each step.  All you need to do is run your business and watch it grow.  We will even provide a weekly progress report.

So, let’s get this done.

Isn’t it time to stop wasting money or ignoring the problem?  Let Think Street do the marketing.  Go back to what you do best.

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Here's is how:

Think Street Marketing Agency

Ask for Help


Just Ask

Then Sean will sit down with you, and talk business - and how we can help you.
Think Street Marketing Agency

Make a Plan


Time to Plan

Think Street will develop a custom plan to attract your best customers.
Think Street Marketing Agency

Watch it Grow


Grow Your Business

This is the best part. A great marketing plan will increase your revenue.

Introducing the

Think Street Six Pack

A 6-weapon, 6-month plan to get your marketing on-track, and to ignite your business.

A few of our amazing clients:

Think Street Marketing Agency Davison Michigan
Think Street Marketing Agency Davison Michigan
Think Street Marketing Agency Davison Michigan
Think Street Marketing Agency Davison Michigan
Think Street Marketing Agency Davison Michigan
Think Street Marketing Agency Davison Michigan
Think Street Marketing Agency Davison Michigan
Think Street Marketing Agency Davison Michigan


Think Street Marketing Agency


Local Marketing Guide

If you own a small business here in Michigan, here are 7 secrets to local marketing that will help you take the first steps to improving growth for your company.

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